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ANN Emplified Art Network – December 2018

Talking Stones Artist Review: Romana Brunnauer

Romana Brunnauer’s oeuvre brings abstract human figures to life, connecting the colorful depths of the subconscious onto canvas. She moves fluidly, changing concepts and hues into portraits. Her influences from the abstract world balance the chaotic simplicity of human experience. Unexpected twists of color pop into existence. The mis en scene embraces spontaneity in brush strokes, allowing the viewer to deeply listen to the hum of her subconscious. Her portraits bleed the life of tropical acrylic colors onto canvas. Brunnauer speaks the artist language of interpreting a visual, inward journey and embracing the ebb and flow of creation. READ MORE

ACS Magazine – May 2016

Romana G. Brunnauer …

[Her] artistic process begins with the the first idea for a project which usually originates from a mere thought, a brief insight into something happening around her. When her interest is aroused, Romana engages intensively in the theme at hand. The basis of her artistic processes rests on a theoretic dissection of a particular theme. Romana spends a lot of time on research. However, during the painting process itself these thoughts and theories are left aside. (…) READ MORE

artNXTlevel Journal, August 2015

Get In-Sync with Romana G. Brunnauer (interview)

In this In-Sync episode I am excited to share my interview with Romana Brunnauer. I met Romana via Facebook about a year ago or more. Since then, I have enjoyed seeing her work from a distance. She currently lives in an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where she works in her studio. Enjoy the interview …