ANHELO (Yearning) Part 2

Since September 2016 I am working on the second part of the project ANHELO (Yearning). The basic idea and description of this project you will find  below.
In my new cycle I deepen more in the idea of the subject Yearning. Currently I am interested in three aspects: The escape (from reality) and, as results of it, the longing for a distant paradise or the glorification of the reality. This cycle is far from being finished. There are other new facets, on which I will work.

To give you a first idea of the visual approach of this new cycle I show you a few examples …

In her cycle inexpresado# ANHELO (engl. unspoken# YEARNING) the artist Romana G. Brunnauer deepens on the personalties she encounters on social media. She is specially interested in what is not said.

Her thesis:

Often, behind private messages there are unexpressed longings. Some dream of a heavenly place, others yearn for past or future times and many see their lives fulfilled with the idea of an idealised love.

All have in common that the object of their yearning gleams in vibrant colours and continues in last instance to be unreachable. In these circumstances, the profane reality disappears and appears mostly grey. The artistic treatment of this thesis created a completely new colour concept. This has its origin in the reduction to the basic colours, like the ones used by domestic printers: primary blue primary yellow, magenta, black and white. These colours correspond with the objects of the mental concept of yearning: lost paradise, past or future and ideal love. Black and white indicate the present reality. The artist paints exclusively with these colours and puts them in layers. The overlapping creates a new, wide range of colours. As a counterpoint she presents works that are reduced to black and white as a representation of the grey reality. With the current works the project inexpresado # ANHELO doesn’t come to a close, the artist continues to work in other facets and their visual translation.