Photo: Robert Bühler

The Artist

Romana G. Brunnauer was born in Salzburg (Austria), studied, lived and worked in Munich (Germany). After University she started as a Writer and Creative Director for Conventional and New Media. She won a numerous prestigious awards throughout her career. In 2005 she moved to Lanzarote on the Canary Islands in Spain.
Since 2006 Romana has been exclusively dedicated to visual arts. Her work is internationally represented in exhibitions as well as in private and public collections.

Artist Statement

“My painting is inspired by what moves us as humans, what motivates us, what we fear, and what we love. It explores the inner motivations behind outward actions. I don’t approach it scientifically, but rather intuitively, and focus on underlying energies. In my painting process, I confront these energies and express them artistically. Until 2017, I worked purely abstractly with minimal figurative elements. Since then, the figurative has increasingly come to the foreground.

With the onset of global crises (such as Corona and later the war in Ukraine), my artistic work also addresses social and (world) political issues.

At the center of my newer works are portraits and “stories” of fictional characters. They are intertwined with an often undefined, sometimes semi-abstract action space that embeds the respective theme in its societal and personal significance.

My preferred material is acrylic paint on canvas.”

Romana G. Brunnauer, April 2023