From the first thought to paintings

LA FUGA # ANHELO [2] … #065

The Creative Process

When I start a new series I usually work in four steps:

  1. The thought (what will I say)
  2. The basic visual ideas (photos, self made or researched in the Internet)
  3. Studies: First drawings and the translation to my abstract language (studies on paper or small pieces of canvas)
  4. Paintings

To show how I put these steps into practice, I will use the example „Escape” from my recent cycle ANHELO [2].

Step 1:  The thought

One facet of ANHELO (Yearning) is the negation of the Here and Know. It is a kind of escape from reality. You want to flee, your thoughts fly away – back to the past or forward to the future … At the end you are landing in feelings like sadness, because the past is gone, or fear of that what will come.

Step 2: The basic visual idea (Someone who flees)

Considering the current political situation of the refugees from the Middle East our mind is full of dramatic pictures … But my focus is not political and for this it was not easy to find a pattern for my first visual studies …

As often, the videos and photos of the dancing theater from Pina Bausch helped me. On the website “” I found a picture which expresses exactly that what I needed. Here is the cut I used as a pattern.


Studies – Step 3

Mostly I start with realistic drawings to get into a person, a movement, a landscape or whatever the series is about. In this case I started directly with free drawings.
The following  (quick) sketches show the steps of the translation into my abstract language.

(1) Ink on paper –  (2) Ink and acrylic on Paper – (3) Acrylic on paper

Charcol on paper …

Painting – Step 4

When I am painting I work layer for layer for layer … How much layers I add and how I realize them is unique for each painting. I just follow my feelings. In case of this example I did round about 5 or 6 layers.

This is the result: